ZKTeco provides unmatched solutions at the cutting edge of technology for access control and time management systems. ZKTeco is a market leader in the provision of security and time management solutions. The company offers multi-biometric and radio-frequency identification (RFID) in time and attendance and access control systems. All ZKTeco products need extra software, and you can see what’s available on the product’s Software Tab.

In terms of technological advancement, there are a few aspects that make ZKTeco stand apart in the market. Some of its core Competitiveness include fingerprint and facial recognition and finger vein and facial recognition. Adding to this, facial recognition and iris recognition are the three combinations that make up the algorithm for multi-biometric devices, which are used for higher-security verification. When it comes to guest and vehicle check-in, as well as time and attendance, access control, and video surveillance systems, ZKTeco has you covered from every angle. In addition, ZKTeco provides the most cutting-edge manufacturing technology along with the best quality assurance.

ZKTeco takes care of the whole supply chain, from designing and researching products to making and selling them. It is a pioneering company in the field of hybrid biometric verification, a field in which it has operated since its inception in March 1998. ZKTeco has a global service network and the most patents and intellectual property rights in the industry. The company uses biometric verification technology in four main areas: the smart office, smart finance, smart traffic, and smart security. ZKTeco has opened a hybrid biometric verification technology and Internet of Things research facility in Europe and a Silicon Valley innovation hub in the United States.

With the application of biometric verification technology and big data to smart offices, smart security, and smart identity verification, ZKTeco is the leading firm in the field. It is the first firm to offer visitor management, car entrance management, and freight management products, solutions, and services through our TechSpine service platform. It includes R&D, design, engineering, manufacturing, IoT, and Internet service. ZKTeco is a leading provider of identity cards, fingerprint algorithms, identification devices, and fingerprint modules, with extensive experience in fingerprint, finger vein, and face recognition verification. In addition to being a part of FIDO in the United States, ZKTeco is also a part of China’s Standardization Technical Committee for Security and Protection Alarm Systems and the National Information Security Standardization Technical Committee. 

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Since its inception, ZKTeco has been at the forefront of biometric verification core technology, platform-based business ecosystem building, IoT+ Internet-inspired banking innovation, and market leadership. At TechSpine, we help you benefit from the unbeatable products and services that make ZKTeco different from others.