Nurse call system


Handset enables patients to place calls and control the lights. It has a male DIN-8 connector for the LLC-8xx and LLC-9xx wall peripherals. Also, it has a red nurse call button with a red LED and a yellow LED that indicates the state of the connection.

This hand-set accesory enables patients to place calls, while the red LED reflects the status of the call. On top of that, up to 2 lights can be controlled with an additional 2 buttons. Bus peripheral with DIN8connector. Easy cleaning and connection.



Nurse call system

A nurse call system is a vital tool used in healthcare facilities to enhance patient safety and improve response times. This system is designed to provide a communication link between patients and healthcare providers, allowing patients to quickly alert nurses or other staff members when assistance is needed.

The system typically consists of a network of call buttons, alarm indicators, and a central monitoring station. Patients can easily activate the call button when they require assistance, which sends a signal to the central monitoring station.

The alarm indicator at the station notifies staff members of the request for help, enabling them to respond promptly to the patient’s needs.

Nurse call systems are highly customizable and can be tailored to fit the specific needs of different healthcare facilities. They can be integrated with other systems, such as patient monitoring systems, to provide a comprehensive solution for patient care.

Overall, a nurse call system is an essential tool for improving patient care and safety in healthcare facilities. It enables staff members to respond quickly to patient needs, reducing the risk of adverse events and improving overall patient satisfaction.