Automatic Gate Barrier

• Integrative machine core: All parts are made by mold, So the parts are more accurate and the barrier gate will be more stable.

• Left or right installed can be amendable. The user can amend the installation direction manually.

• Accurate link mechanism: The link mechanism will release arm shake and motor load, so the barrier gate can move more stable and the working life of the barrier gate will be longer.

• 70W turbine worm transmission deceleration induction motor: Drive steady, lower noise, structures compact, can realize self-locking.

• Clutch key can be used to open the clutch when electricity is cut off.

• The barrier will automatically go back when it encounters obstacles during the lifting and falling process. Infrared photocell is optional.


Gate Barrier

An automatic gate barrier is a physical access control device used to restrict vehicular access to a designated area, such as a parking lot or a gated community. It typically consists of a sturdy metal arm that can be raised and lowered to allow or deny access to the area.

The gate barrier is usually powered by an electric motor that can be activated by various means, including a remote control, an access card, a keypad, or a proximity sensor. The gate barrier can also be equipped with safety features, such as sensors that detect obstacles and prevent the arm from closing on a vehicle or a person.

Automatic gate barriers are widely used in various settings, including commercial and residential properties, public parking lots, airports, and industrial facilities. They provide an effective and convenient way to control access to restricted areas, enhance security, and manage traffic flow.