Aginet, TP New Link’s brand identity, positions the company as a go-to for ISPs. Along with the introduction of its new corporate identity, TP Link is releasing its entire ISP product range under the Aginet brand name. This move is intended to better reflect the company’s focus on providing customers with fast, effective solutions. TP-Link introduced a new brand and product line tailored to the demands of ISPs. This was after realising the industry was rapidly expanding to meet the demand for connecting users all over the world to the internet.

Aginet’s many offerings—including xPON, xDSL, broadband access, WiFi access, and mesh networking—cover a larger range of use cases. More than 100 million Aginet products have been sold in the ISP industry, contributing to massive revenue and market share increases. TechSpine’s development depends on the Aginet’s capacity to provide innovative, practical, and trustworthy solutions to customers around the world.

TP-Link, now operating under the Aginet banner, plans to produce a wide variety of products and services, such as Wi-Fi routers, GPON OLT, Whole Home Mesh WiFi, VDSL modem routers, GPON WiFi routers, and 4G/5G routers. All of these will be supported by ground-breaking research and development and vertical manufacturing. Also, with a focus on quality, and first-rate service before and after the sale. The company will also have the quickest response time and the most effective execution team in the network communications terminal sector.

Customers and partners of Aginet have played an integral role in the development of the new WiFi management platform. They now have a new opportunity to collaborate with Aginet.  Aginet also facilitates remote operations, diagnostics, and maintenance for ISPs, reducing the need for on-site support. All of this allows for a high degree of automation, which in turn lowers operational costs, boosts customer happiness, and provides more leeway for adaptation.

Soon after the introduction of Aginet itself, TP-Link will introduce its unified cloud service, dubbed TAUC (TP-Link Aginet Unified Cloud). An improved customer experience is on the way, thanks to TAUC’s ability to streamline ISPs’ service deployment, management, and rollout. Aginet is the result of TP Link’s desire to provide service providers with a solution as adaptable as the dynamic nature of their markets. Its logo, which features a stylized “A” and “N” to represent an agile network, embodies the spirit of the concept as well. On the other hand, neither letter would be complete without the other. This represents the need for an all-encompassing system predicated on reliable and adaptable cooperation. The logo is a clear and striking representation of Aginet’s three pillars: professionalism, flexibility, and dependability. This is the objective of TechSpine as well.