It is a top-tier Next Generation Firewall and End Point Solution provider. TechSpine is a authorised partner because of our never-ending commitment to preventing ransomware. To keep up with the increasingly intricate networks that exist online today, IT security systems have had to evolve to meet the challenge. For Sophos, the solution to any security problem is to keep things as simple as possible, and they do so with confidence.

When it comes to protecting against ransomware, only Sophos provides specific solutions for both endpoint and server levels. They are the best “Zero Day Threat” solution provider with these. That is because of the unique Sandstorm function in the firewall and the Endpoint Protection. Security products for endpoints, networks, mobile devices, WiFi, email, and encryption are all handled from a single dashboard. This makes it the first synchronised cybersecurity system.


To reduce threats, streamline administration, and increase IT estate visibility and control, Sophos developed a suite of products that all function together. Using an automated incident response system makes sure that threats are taken care of quickly and effectively. With Sophos, you can rest assured that your public cloud, Office 365, remote, or hybrid workforce is safe. The management console Sophos Central helps IT teams implement and manage protection against ransomware, threats, data loss, and insider threats all from one location.

A synchronised security platform may be administered with the help of Sophos Central. The cutting-edge Security HeartbeatTM technology by Sophos guarantees two-way communication between your endpoint security and firewall. A simple idea that works is better security against sophisticated attacks and less time spent responding to incidents. You might be left wondering why this hasn’t been done earlier, as it’s so obviously beneficial.

Cutting-edge IT security solutions provide award-winning defence for the healthcare sector as well. It helps businesses keep their doors open while keeping sensitive information and vital processes safe for patients and staff. Independent testing agencies have confirmed that Intercept X’s deep learning-powered malware detection engine is the best available. With this feature, Intercept X can find malware that gets past traditional endpoint protection.

TechSpine is a leading partner, providing in-depth knowledge of Sophos’s whole suite of security solutions, including but not limited to antivirus, firewall, and encryption software. Its primary market is medium-sized businesses, for whom it offers a comprehensive security solution consisting of antivirus software and a firewall.