At TechSpine, we believe in the power of a successful partnership by providing customers with a combination of best solutions and expertise. Successful businesses understand they can thrive by partnering with others. Nowadays, we need each other more than ever because of the linked, large, and intricate nature of the corporate world and our sector. It’s better creating a community of reliable partners that work with one another for guidance and support, fostering an environment where everyone benefits. Because achieving our common objective of long-term success can only be done through the combined efforts of all of us working together.

NEC, headquartered in Japan, offers IT and networking services. NEC has been developing cutting-edge technology that improves people’s lives for almost a century. Today, as a key provider of ICT solutions for society, we interact closely with NEC, bringing together sensors, computation, networking, and analysis to the customers. We put this knowledge to use by developing active data solutions that can foresee and mitigate problems. Also, they react sensibly to unexpected setbacks, and transform hidden insights. Networks can be prepared for the 5G era by utilising products from NEC.

Because of the impending pandemic in 2020 and the growth of hybrid workplaces, digital transformation has become an even higher priority. This is especially for businesses, governments, and society as a whole. This transformation is driven by the rollout of 5G networks, which will be essential in merging the real and virtual worlds by bridging the gap between people, businesses, and things everywhere.

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NEC Open Networks is an initiative to aid service providers in breaking free from vendor lock-in. Also, it consists of integrated end-to-end 5G network and software solutions from NEC and its partners like TechSpine. Service providers require an alternate migration path to assist them in transitioning their old networks into modernised, scalable, open, and flexible 5G networks. They provide decreased TCO and enable the agile creation of new revenue-generating services. Service providers will be able to offer cutting-edge 5G services and find new business opportunities thanks to the global networking expertise of NEC and TechSpine. It includes the whole suite of products, including 5G IP transport, telco and edge cloud, data centre networks, service provider security, and enterprise branch solutions, all of which leverage cutting-edge 5G technology. To ensure our solutions improve safety, security, efficiency, and equality, we balance human and technological resources to generate the best output.