Techspine offers a comprehensive suite of Fortinet-related services. We have the largest customer base as a trusted partner. If you’re looking for Fortinet security services, we have you covered.

Fortinet protects some of the world’s major corporations, service providers, and government agencies. It gives its customers the ability to meet the performance needs of a borderless network now and in the future. It also gives seamless protection across an increasing number of threats. When it comes to the most important security issues in today’s network, application, cloud, and mobile settings, only the Fortinet Security Fabric architecture can provide complete protection. More than 500,000 clients rely on Fortinet to keep their businesses safe. This makes it the world leader in the number of security appliances shipped.

Fortinet 30E

Protect your network, users, and data with high-performance network security solutions from Fortinet. When it comes to security, we’ve got you covered with a complete suite of cutting-edge options that can be managed from a single location. This allows for consolidation and streamlines your entire security setup. It protects the world’s largest businesses, service providers, and government agencies. It’s security solutions for mobile network operators, cloud providers, and managed service providers make it possible to protect service infrastructure. They make sure service continuity, and offer safe industry-facing use cases.

Physical Network Functions (PNFs), Virtual Network Functions (VNFs), and containers are used in the development of Fortinet carrier-grade security products.  The solutions accommodate the hyper scalability, multitenancy, and other needs of communication service providers. It’s security architecture makes it possible for service providers to offer solutions for the most important security needs and services. These solutions can be used in 4G and 5G settings, use cases and multi-access edge computing. Also, they can be used in managed services, and both private and public cloud environments.

Fortinet is the only leader in the security industry that makes its own physical and virtual security processing units (SPUs). They meet the scaling needs of 4G, 5G, and the Internet of Things. FortiGuard Labs uses one of the artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) systems. They have proven to be the most effective and efficient in the industry each day to process and analyze more than 10 billion events to send out actionable real-time threat intelligence.

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