ELock Corporation was founded in 1996 and has since become a leading IT security provider in Malaysia. It has been offering services to safeguard users from identity theft, sophisticated cyber assaults, and other risks to their files and data. TechSpine, the authorised reseller of E-Lock, is the intermediary between world-class locks and our customers. TheGRID, a two-factor authentication system, and WebAlarm, a file integrity monitoring program are E-Lock’s main product lines. The Grid is a desktop and mobile app that uses two-factor authentication to protect its users from identity theft. While doing so, WebAlarm provides comprehensive, real-time, and continuous file integrity monitoring at the bit level. This is to safeguard files from illegal alterations and enable automatic recovery of information.

Over 500 companies across a wide range of industries in Malaysia, Japan, China, and Taiwan have adopted e-Lock Corporation’s award-winning software product TheGRID and WebAlarm, as well as their other cost-effective security solutions. In addition to these services, e-Lock offers information security consultations to businesses of all sizes. E-Lock Corporation is a privately held company backed by large institutional investors. Despite being based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, e-Lock Corporation also maintains a presence in the Japanese capital of Tokyo.


WebAlarm real-time file integrity monitoring is one of the ELock’s prominent security offerings. It has a proven track record thanks to its deployment in businesses across Malaysia, Japan, Taiwan, and China. To prevent unwanted modifications, WebAlarm keeps a constant watch over all of your folders and files. It provides an unrivalled total cost of ownership, helping businesses achieve budgetary and regulatory requirements with little to no additional investment in hardware or training. WebAlarm does a thorough bit-by-bit analysis of all files to verify their existence, integrity, and rights. Secured Change Control and Automated Update Management, as well as Policy Violation Alerts, Automatic Recovery, Audit and Evidence Preservation, and Automatic Updates, are additional powerful features of WebAlarm. ELock’s Signature and other security solutions can now be used with workflow systems, corporate solutions, and applications to make it possible to do transactions without paper.

Numerous technology partners use e-Lock Digital Signature Technology and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to tailor their solutions to each individual customer’s specific needs. Now is the time to familiarise yourself with our portfolio of ELock products that are flexible, safe, and cost-effective. Together with our system partners, we provide a full range of services for intelligent locking systems, from consultation to instruction to installation.