When it comes to communications, CommScope is always one step ahead, developing cutting-edge systems for the most advanced networks in the world. Their people and products are revolutionising connectivity around the world. Also, they are addressing pressing issues of the present and paving the way for future breakthroughs to be implemented. CommScope is influencing the direction of future networks. Their unique expertise in copper, fibre, wired, and wireless infrastructure supports today’s networks and prepares them for tomorrow. This includes everything from material design to the resolution of challenging architectural or bandwidth constraints.

Since acquiring ARRIS and RUCKUS in 2019, CommScope has been able to expand its product offerings and reach into emerging areas. When it comes to CommScope products, TechSpine has been officially designated as a CommScope partner. If there are any issues with your CommScope or cabling solutions within the first 15 years, a trained expert will fix them for you. TechSpine cares deeply about your company’s success. We will do whatever it takes to ensure that you receive the standard compliance, technical conformance, and high performance you require.

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Technicians in the field of structured cabling receive training in areas such as physical constraints (such as length and diameter). Also, the installation requirements (such as an application specification), and the best practices (such as pulling tension and cable management). Many unlicensed service providers use low-quality, counterfeit cabling constructed of copper-clad aluminium (CCA) instead of solid copper. They are unaware that cables designated as Category 5e or Category 6 and fabricated with [CCA] cannot be legally put into any area that requires a National Electrical Code (NEC) fire safety classification. As time goes on, the existing structured copper cabling in a building becomes increasingly taxed by the addition of more and more sophisticated building systems. Established networks are beginning to feel the strain of thriving wired and wireless technologies.

There is no need for additional rack space or airflow thanks to Category 6A cabling, which is a copper solution capable of supporting network line rates of up to 10 GB/s. This high-performance twisted-pair cable uses our cutting-edge OMT platform to minimise the core size while maintaining a low amount of crosstalk. Many of today’s twisted-pair cables only just barely fulfil these benchmarks when tested in real-world applications, despite the fact that they are rated as “Category 6” (Cat 6) cabling. At TechSpine, we have included the high-quality structured cabling from CommScope so that your business doesn’t suffer anymore.