COMMAX is a smart home technology provider that improves people’s quality of life and keeps them safe. Founded in 1968 as Central Electronic Industry, smart-home specialist, COMMAX is celebrating its golden anniversary this year. It is leading the worldwide market with sophisticated technical power and differentiated products. They range from interphones and video phones to smart home systems and security solutions. COMMAX is committed to ensuring that all of its customers can live the kind of secure and meaningful lives they deserve.

Commax is a worldwide phenomenon, a household name in every corner of the globe. They employ the glocalization strategy that simultaneously targets globalisation and localization. Moreover, they have acquired technologies and know-hows, so the global standard is completed with a full range of products and systems. They are majorly focused on satisfying varied local market contexts and requirements.

Commax, is a leader in the smart home industry, improving customers’ quality of life through increased convenience and security. From interphones and video phones to smart home systems and security solutions, COMMAX is at the forefront of the industry. This is all thanks to its cutting-edge technology and innovative offerings. The name COMMAX is recognised and admired all around the world. The COMMAX door phone video monitor now supports the AxxonSoft mobile app. It’s ideal for multi-family dwellings like condos and apartment complexes.

The AxxonSoft cameras installed at the building’s entrances, lobbies, playgrounds, parking lots, and other public spaces can now be viewed by residents via their door phones. A resident’s access to live and recorded video can be restricted or unrestricted based on their preferences and/or subscription plans.

The engineering teams at AxxonSoft and COMMAX collaborated to design a communication panel that is compatible with citywide security systems powered by AxxonSoft’s software. By using the SIP 2.0 protocol, first responders can access a dashboard that allows them to set up a way to get in touch with local law enforcement and emergency services that you can count on in case of a home emergency. This can make it easier for people to contact municipal emergency services.

Ever since we started working as an authorised COMMAX partner, we understood that we were greatly benefiting our customer base. At this point, COMMAX is at the top of its game, and its recent collaborations have taken it up a notch. At TechSpine, we aim to be a medium for our customers to avail themselves of all the benefits they can from this increasingly advanced technology.