Aruba’s customers are able to increase their business agility, develop new revenue streams, and design engaging user experiences. This is thanks to the company’s infrastructure, which includes connectivity, insight, and automation. Together with Aruba, TechSpine has become an industry standard in enterprise networking’s digital transition.

The services we provide to our customers are unparalleled because we are working with best industry standards, partnered with top-notch companies. We are the experts in all things related to Aruba Networks, including the design, deployment, and maintenance of worldwide networks.


By working together, we can offer unmatched global project delivery with native-speaking experts in a wide range of technologies. This speeds up the journey to the cloud for customers.

Our NOC and SOC facilities ensure that our “Network Visibility and Troubleshooting” and “Network Monitoring and Security” services are always available, no matter where in the world your business is located.

Since Aruba has acknowledged TechSpine’s consultants as technical experts and proponents of its networking solutions, you can trust us to evaluate all of your company’s needs. To guarantee we’ll fulfil your requirements, we offer design, implementation, management, and support for all of your networking solutions. The relationship between TechSpine and Aruba has been going on for a long time and covers a wide range of public, academic, and private sectors.

TechSpine has national expertise in data centre management, edge switching, wireless network administration, and more thanks to its status as an Aruba Partner.

TechSpine offers accredited skills in ClearPass policy management, Aruba central, and SD-Branch. In addition, specialised talents in Aruba switching, wireless LAN, and operations. Aruba’s most important strategic partner, TechSpine is improving productivity, business recovery, and growth prospects by providing best-in-class solutions across government, corporate, and education and improving user experiences with Aruba’s intelligent edge-to-cloud networking solutions.

With cloud-based solutions, as-a-service solutions, utility-based pricing, shifting financial barriers, and organisations needing cross-border resourcing and networking, the IT services sector is at a tipping point. The already complicated technology landscape has been further complicated by a global epidemic. It has forced companies throughout the world to implement remote-working policies. Every business has its own special needs, yet developing a one-of-a-kind solution can be quite expensive. We at TechSpine are proud to offer custom solutions that are both scalable and standard, giving you the service you need at a price you can afford. The smooth integration of our many services will help your end users, IT infrastructure, and business.